Sunday, June 12, 2011

Three Osprey Chicks Confirmed

Yesterday at the refuge BioBlitz festival, we were able to confirm that there are 3 chicks in the osprey nest. One appears to be less developed than the other two. So, he is the "runt" of the clutch. We will watch anxiously to see if he can compete successfully for food with his more advanced siblings. Meanwhile the male keeps bringing in fish, several a day, to keep his mate and the chicks fed. The older two siblings are lunging around the nest now trying to strengthen their legs. We can still see the parents rearranging sticks on the nest, perhaps this is a kind of anxiety relieving mechanism. The male even brought in new sticks yesterday. Stay tuned for more exciting viewing as the young ospreys continue on their fast growth curve. rcc

Friday, June 3, 2011

At Least Two Osprey Chicks

This morning and again this afternoon, I observed the male bring in a fish and the female taking the fish, ripping off small pieces and feeding the young. Both times I was able to see two tiney downy heads bobbing for the tasty tidbits that the mother osprey was offering. rcc