Monday, June 21, 2010

Osprey Videos: intruder and babies!

I just wanted to alert everyone to two cool clips of our osprey nest.

By clicking the ARCHIVE button on the webcam main page you can see adorable footage of the babies. Or you can click this link

To see footage of another osprey trying to land at the nest click here: The parents are really calling, makes me wish we had sound too ;-) I think the bird that was trying to land could be a young from last years nest. Young birds sometimes return to the nest where they were born. I did some research and wasn't able to find if young returned to the nest site: I guess it will remain a mystery.

Growing Babies

The young osprey are about 20 to 25 days old and growing very fast. Both parents are fishing to keep up with the vigorous appetites. At this time the young have more than tripled their size since hatching. They are loseing their soft downy coat and growing more adult-like feathers. The tail and flight feathers are beginning to grow in too.

During the nesting season sticks blow out of the nest or fall overboard. In order to maintain a strong nest fo the growing chicks, one of the adult osprey (presumably the male) continues to bring sticks to the nest site.

Keep watching as the young continue to grow and be even more active. Also look out for 'poop bombs'! The young osprey are now old enough to deficate or poop off the rim of the nest. They back up to the edge and let it fly.

Check out the photo of an adult osprey eating fish. Timm took this photo and sent it to the osprey cam email at Thanks Timm

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3 Baby Osprey!

Thanks to a report from an Osprey-cam viewer.... I can confirm there are 3 chicks in the nest.

Photos to come soon!

Monday, June 7, 2010

There are at least 2 babies!

Just a quick update, as the Refuge is very busy preparing for our BioBlitz Festival and Kid's Fishing Day Celebrations.

We have confirmed sightings of at least two osprey nestlings. The female spends quite a bit of time feeding the young. She will rip off small pieces of fish and carefully hold it near the young. It is up to the nestlings to grab the fish.

The young osprey are covered in brown/tan down. I encourage you all to visit the nest in person this weekend. (If you are local, of course.) If you are from out of town, I would love to hear from you. I often wonder who is watching the Osprey cam. It would be neat to make a list of all the states and even countries that watch the cam.

Email the Osprey cam at

Here are some photos of the osprey bringing home dinner. Both photos were taken by Jodi Darling. Great shots Jodi!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


While I have not seen the babies, the both osprey parents are behaving like there are babies in the nest. Watch closely and please email if you seen the young.

From Birds of North America:

Figure 4. Osprey chicks usually hatch sequentially, often up to 4–5 days apart, giving older chicks an advantage when food is limited. Photo by D. Schmidt from Schmidt 2001, used with permission.

An awesome fact to remember: the young osprey will be 90% full grown less than 30 days after hatching! Osprey fledge or first begin flying at about 55 to 60 days old.