Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Osprey-cam information

The Friends of Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge
Osprey Web-Cam at
Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge

What is the Web-Cam Project?

The web-cam project will promote interest in the osprey, year to raise and care for their young.

The Friends of Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge will install the web-cam at the known osprey nest site, near the refuge visitor center, host a website and place a television in the visitor center at Deer Flat with live-streaming video, and create educational materials for classroom use. Mid-March is the target date for installation of the web-cam, so that it will be up and running by the time the osprey return to the nest site.

Who Does the Web-Cam Project Benefit?

With an up close view into an osprey nest, refuge visitors and people from all over the world will learn how ospreys raise their young. A companion blog for the website will allow people to find out about osprey natural history, the events at the nest and ask questions about osprey, Lake Lowell and Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge.

Local schools, through field trips and website viewing, will benefit from a new opportunity to link technology with biology in their own backyard. Osprey educational materials will help foster an appreciation of the natural world and encourage students to go outside. We anticipate over 10,000 people will view the webcam this spring.

How Can You Help?

The Friends are partnering with Katie McVey, an AmeriCorps member serving at Deer Flat; the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; and Fiberpipe Internet and Network Solutions to get the Web-Cam project up and running. Local businesses are helping out too! Wild Birds Unlimited, Roots Rents, Bird House & Habitat, and Cabela’s are all lending a hand.
We will need volunteers of all types and financial support to make this project a lasting success.

Osprey-cam seeks volunteers! become an…

Osprey Observer: watch the webcam.
Report interesting behaviors, exciting happenings and screen captures to

Osprey Enabler: donate and support the webcam.
This spring Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge received a modest grant which allowed this Osprey-cam to become a reality. We need continued financial support to keep the webcam and blog up and running. Please consider donating to the Friends of Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge a 501(c)3 non-profit group.

Ask about other ways you can help!

Katie McVey
AmeriCorps Volunteer
Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge

Bob Christensen
Friends of Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge

Donations can be sent to:

Friends of Deer Flat: Webcam
13751 Upper Embankment Rd
Nampa, ID 83686