Monday, June 21, 2010

Growing Babies

The young osprey are about 20 to 25 days old and growing very fast. Both parents are fishing to keep up with the vigorous appetites. At this time the young have more than tripled their size since hatching. They are loseing their soft downy coat and growing more adult-like feathers. The tail and flight feathers are beginning to grow in too.

During the nesting season sticks blow out of the nest or fall overboard. In order to maintain a strong nest fo the growing chicks, one of the adult osprey (presumably the male) continues to bring sticks to the nest site.

Keep watching as the young continue to grow and be even more active. Also look out for 'poop bombs'! The young osprey are now old enough to deficate or poop off the rim of the nest. They back up to the edge and let it fly.

Check out the photo of an adult osprey eating fish. Timm took this photo and sent it to the osprey cam email at Thanks Timm