Saturday, April 23, 2011

Incubating Eggs

On 4/22/10 we observed the female laying low in the nest. This is a good indication that she has an egg. She has been deepening the bowl of the nest for the last 3 days in preparation for laying her clutch.

Incubation usually begins after the first egg is laid. Both sexes incubate, but female generally does most of the incubation. Female nearly always incubates at night. Male usually provides female with all food during this period; female takes fish to nearby perch and feeds there; male generally incubates while female feeds, but will initiate incubation independent of food transfers.

It takes about 36 days for osprey eggs to hatch. Notice the unusual color of osprey eggs in the above photo.

This information and the photo is from the Birds of North America Series. To learn more, click the osprey info button while you are watching the cam.