Saturday, July 7, 2012

SOLO the Osprey

The osprey pair near the refuge visitor center is happy to announce the arrival of their one and only chick this season. Its name is “Solo.” It arrived several days late but is growing rapidly. With only one chick to feed, Mom and Pop osprey have a bit more time to loaf around the nest and watch over Solo.

Thanks to all those who submitted names for the young osprey: Lone-some Larry, Only, Lonely Lowell, Lovely Flyer, etc. And a thank you also to those who took time to vote. All of the names received a vote or two, but “Solo” was by far the favorite choice. Of course, you may call him/her anything you would like. Just be sure to tune into the webcam once in awhile and watch the chick’s early life unfold. All too soon it will fledge and have to learn that life isn’t necessarily fair and that the daily repast sometimes comes hard to get.